Footballer, Haitian National U-20 Selection

Clivens, a player in the Haitian National Men's Football Selection U-20 reached out to us to inquire about DDHI's services and explore his option. Due to his inability to foot the full cost of dental treatments in clinics in Haiti, many doctors turned him down. He had an upcoming meeting with donors for his team in the coming weeks, and wanted to feel confident in his smile.

Thankfully, we were able to sponsor him and offer the services he needed through the generosity of Haitian diaspora members in New York City . We used the already available offices of Dr. Geraldine Delice, one of our founders, so that our sponsorship only covered the costs of the treatment, and not additional fees for renting a facility.

Speaking to us after his treatment, Clivens told us:

" Thank you so much, because I found my smile back, and this has boosted my confidence in myself so much more. I really appreciate the work. I woke up yesterday morning, and I was so happy I woke up full of joy!"

If you would like to sponsor a patient and give them the gift of a healthy smile, contact Dr. Geraldine Delice.