Domestic Worker

Orphaned at a young age, Henri is a domestic worker who was raised by American missionaries in Pétion-Ville.

During his teenage years, Henri sought employment as a domestic worker in the homes of middle-class and upper-middle-class families in Haiti. Unfortunately, his salary was not enough to cover the costs of dental care, as he lacked insurance coverage.

During Henri's participation in a mobile clinic at his local church, we realized that he was in need of costly specialized dental care, and referred him to one of our dental clinic partners. Thankfully, we were able to fully cover the costs of his dental treatments including several teeth extractions along with a full prosthesis.

While Henri is still shy about his smile, the happiness pictured on his face is the reason why we do this work.

In order to help more patients like Henri, we need the support of angel donors like you. If you would like to sponsor a patient and give them the gift of a healthy smile, contact Dr. Geraldine Delice.