Key People

Helping Build Sustainable Change in Dental Care Through Our Cause


Dr. Geraldine Delice, DDS

Co-Founder & President

Dr. Delice co-founded Delice Dental Health Initiative when she saw a critical need for low-cost dental health care and education in the urban and rural communities of Port-au-Prince. Since then, Dr. Delice has helped expand the organization through her work with Sante Se Riches Project and her activism on radio stations in Port-au-Prince. Today, Dr. Delice continues to lead the organization with integrity and several years of experience in the medical field.


Chris Francois, MMSc

Co-Founder & Vice-President

Chris Francois helped found the Delice Dental Health Initiative after realizing the benefits of being served by local doctors and volunteers for many Haitian patients. Chris' experience with public policy research has been a critical advantage for many of our endeavors, and has helped expand the presence of the organization in donor circles abroad, consistently helping generate revenue for patient sponsorships. Chris is currently completing a master's degree in global affairs with a focus in health policy in order to better serve communities in Haiti. You can learn more about them here.


Dr. Daphkar Pacius, DDS

Medical Clinic Partner and Dental Health in Schools Program Lead

Dr. Pacius is a recent graduate of Faculté d'Odontologie and has been participating in our medical clinic program since she was a student. Experienced, Committed and Generous, these are some of the words our volunteers have used to describe her. Even though Dr. Pacius now handles her own private practice, she remains dedicated to Delice Dental Health Initiative's mission and is a valuable member of our team.


Dr. Elie Lerois, DDS

Medical Clinic Partner and Rural Program Expansion Lead

With us since our founding, Dr. Lerois has been a key contributor to our medical clinic program. He brings his knowledge as a dental surgeon by helping us expand the number of patients we are able to meet during our programs and enables us to offer quality care in a stress-free environment. Dr. Lerois owns his private dental practice in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Sybil Joubert, BSc

Director of Operations

Sybil has been a wonderful addition to our team since the beginnings of our organization. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Concordia University and has extensive experience working with children through her former volunteer roles. When she returns to Haiti, Sybil leads our childhood acclimation efforts, as many of the youth participants in our programs are often distressed. She is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing and coordinates our relations with partners in Canada, specifically in Quebec.