Our Stories

At Delice Dental Health Initiative, we strive to provide adequate dental care to all of our patients regardless of background. In the course of implementing our mission, we sometimes encounter cases that require more in-depth care than we may be able to provide in our medical clinic programs.

Therefore, we have to rely on the generosity of participating clinics, dentists and angel donors to sponsor our patients, so that we may be able to cover the costs of specialized orthodontic or pediatric dental care. 

Below, you can read their stories and learn more about how the provision of specialized dental care has helped them gain, or recover, a healthy smile.



" DDHI helped me regain a smile I did not think I would see again - the support I received throughout the process made me feel cared for adequately. Thank you for boosting my confidence."



"Thank you for helping me out - the doctors were friendly and made me feel comfortable.



" I don't have to worry about others picking on my teeth anymore."

If you or your organization would like to sponsor a patient for specialized dental care treatment, please contact Dr. Geraldine Delice or Chris Francois.